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Fresh cuisine from high quality ingredients

We are a pizzeria who believe in serving only the best of quality and flavour. Our unique use of traditional Indian and Italian flavours will light up your taste buds. When bread, olive oil and cheese meet the strong flavours of Indian spices and herbs, we witness a handshake of 2 cultures on a plate and this is what we bring to you.
Inspired by travel and experiencing new cultures, new tastes and new flavours, basil pizzeria brings to you a combination of India and Italy like never seen before.
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Our History

First established in 2018, taking bold choices and daring to be different has inspired us into bringing our patrons varieties of pizza’s that are not only unique in flavour but in it’s inspiration.
Our love for baking and pizza have allowed us to experience different varieties and flavours of pizza from across the world from which we draw inspiration to bring to you these unique pizza’s.


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